ATV/UTV tire measurements:

ATV/UTV tires are typically measured by Height x Width x Inner Wheel Diameter in inches.

ATV/UTV Wheel size and Offset

Diameter of a wheel: Measure the width of the bead area of the wheel (not the outer rim). In the diagram above, the diameter measures 10 inches.
Offset and width of a wheel: Measure from the center weld to the center of the tire bead area on both sides of the wheel. The outer measurement is always the valve stem side. Offset of a wheel is stated by reading the measurement of the inside first, then the measurement of the outside. For example above, the offset is 3+2; meaning the inside half of the wheel measured 3 inches, and the outside side measured 2 inches. Add these 2 numbers together to find the total width of the rim 5 inches.

Note: If the rim has a tire on it, usually the tire will have the rim diameter imprinted on it (8", 9", 10"...). You can also measure the rim from inside using the diagram above and getting the measurements as close as possible.


Bias-ply tires: The carcass of a bias-ply is made of layers of fabric such as nylon or polyester, wrapped over each other in a criss cross pattern. The multiple layers’ flex and create a cushioning effect, which makes bias-ply tires comfortable to ride on and good at handling heavy loads. On the downside, they have more rolling resistance, less control at high speeds, and retain more heat.
Radial tires: The carcass is made of stiff cords that go straight across the tread, running perpendicularly from one bead to the other, with belts of steel, polyester, or aramid fibers (like Kevlar) criss crossing atop them. Radials tend to be stiffer, allowing better high speed performance, longer tread life, and more precise handling, but the downside is usually a stiffer ride

ATV/UTV Terrain Types

All Purpose: Medium tread pattern for general use on various terrains.
Sport/Race: Lower profile style with tighter, aggressive tread patterns.
Sand: Paddle type rear tires and smooth/ribbed front tires for flotation and traction
Rocks: Heavy-duty tires that usually have higher ply ratings. Medium tread pattern.
Mud/Snow: Aggressive, wide and deep tread pattern. Heavy duty construction.
Ply rating: ATV/UTV tires come in different ply ratings: 2,4,6,8-ply rating, etc. The higher the ply rating, the stronger, but heavier the tire.